Saturday, March 19, 2016

Five Teams at Startup Weekend Athens Research and Plan Their Products and Businesses

In a very long day on Saturday, the five Startup Weekend teams gathered data about their enterprises by talking to people in town, making online inquiries and surveys, and watching children play with their prototype. Based on the data, they refined their concepts or pivoted — changed their product or company ideas — to align better with perceived markets. #SWAthensOH

At Startup Weekend Athens (Ohio) Ariel Taylor (left) Amber Duff, and James Graham tell about Enchanted Home for Lost Books, a retail store that would sell gently used children's books. It would also make donations to local charities supporting children and donate books to children in need in other countries. The team, which also includes Lisa Heinz and Laughter Wang, visited the Athens Farmers Market and the Athens Public Library on Saturday to talk with potential customers.
Michelle Wilson (left), Harrison Mbemba, and Gil Moore discuss Team SRI, a socially responsible investing venture.
Ryan Stillion and Kayleigh Marks also are on Team SRI.
At the Athens Public Library, Ethan Schultz (top right), Brett Woodard, and Alex Kremer watch children playing with the magnetic shapes. Their venture? Opa: Hands-on Cognitive Toys for the Modern Child. The team also includes Andrew Roffe and Rachel Lau.
One creation made by children at the library.
EMG Max, a personal fitness app, is the innovation proposed by Zach Phillips-Gary (right), Andrew Greene, and Karsten Cao. Here they confer on Saturday night with Startup Weekend facilitator Daniel Johnsen (left).

The Note Boost team, Even Simmons, Paul Holliday, and Trevor Wall was not available for photos. See them on Sunday.

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