Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Techstars & Twitter Partner to Give Techstars’ Startups Access to Twitter Data

We're excited to announce that Techstars is partnering with Twitter to provide access to Twitter's data products to Techstars' companies during program.

This partnership provides startups (going through a Techstars accelerator program) the same access to Twitter's enterprise-ready APIs for social data that major corporations have. In addition, Twitter will provide consulting services to help Techstars' founders effectively apply social intelligence to products and services that they are creating.  For example, social media monitoring tools, business analytics, ad targeting and e-commerce.

Starting with Techstars' spring sessions in 2016, startups in program will have access to Twitter data to create innovative new data-driven solutions in their products.

This preferred access to Twitter data is another perk available to Techstars' founders. As part of the Techstars network, companies and founders have access to over 300 perks valued at over $1 million. These perks come from corporate partners and sponsors, mentor companies, Techstars companies, and others across our network. Yet another benefit of being part of the best global ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

We're excited about the possibilities that our Twitter partnership will bring to our companies!

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