Friday, June 5, 2015

Funding and M&A Activity Across the Techstars Ecosystem

Techstars companies have raised over $100M this past week! Here is a roundup of those and other recent investments and M&A activity across the Techstars ecosystem. Congratulations to the founders and all the companies on your hard work and success!

Congratulations to these Techstars companies that were recently acquired:


Congratulations to the Techstars Alumni companies that have recently received notable investments:

Pill Pack $50M

Pill Pack (Boston ‘13) announced a $50M raise this week. Pill Pack is a full service online pharmacy that ships personalized rolls of pre-sorted prescriptions.

Sphero $45M

Sphero (Boulder ‘10 & Disney ‘14) raised $45M in funding in June. Sphero makes connected toys and most recently worked on the new Star Wars robot, BB-8.

Localytics $35M

Localytics (Boston ‘09) raised $35M in Series D funding in March. Localytics offers analytics and marketing tools for mobile apps to better understand user behavior.

Placester $15M

Placester (Boston ‘11) raised $15M in Series B funding in April. Placester replaces the digital real estate sections of local newspaper websites with a new real estate portal.

Remitly $12.5M

Remitly (Seattle ‘11) raised $12.5M in Series B in March to help immigrants send money to family and friends abroad. Remitly is a mobile payments service that enables consumers to conveniently make person-to-person international money transfers from the U.S.

Kapost $10.25M

Kapost (Boulder ‘10) raised $10.25M in an equity round in May. Kapost makes software that companies use to manage B2B content marketing campaigns.

SalesLoft $10M

SalesLoft (Boulder ‘12) raised $10M in Series A in April. SalesLoft is a sales development software company that offers a SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates with CRM applications.

Jukely $8M

Jukely (NYC ‘13) raised $8M in a seed extension round to expand into at least 20 more cities in the next year. Jukely is a matchmaker for music lovers, connecting those with a similar taste in music to go to concerts with.

Bench $7M

Bench (NY ‘12) closed a $7M series A round earlier this year. Bench is an online bookkeeping service that provides tax-ready financial statements from professional bookkeepers.

LawnStarter $6M

LawnStarter (Austin ‘14) recently raised $6M in Series A. LawnStarter is a lawn service with easy online booking that describes itself as “your lawn care concierge.”

Careport Health $3.8M

Careport Health (Boston ‘12) announced $3.8M in funding to help patients solve the challenge of post-hospital care.

Woo Sports $2.7M

Woo Sports (Boston ‘14) raised $2.7M in April. Woo Sports is a device that tracks stats for kiteboarders.

Outreach $2.3M

Outreach (Seattle ‘11) raised $2.3M in seed funding in May. Outreach creates workflow tools for sales teams.

Sqord $2.3M

Sqord (Chicago ‘14) raised $2.3 M from Providence Health. Sqord is a wearable activity tracker, game and app for kids. $2.2M (London ‘13) raised $2.2M in April. has built a platform that it calls an “integration marketplace,” which makes costly IT integrations a thing of the past.

Dopay $2M

Dopay (Barclays ‘14) raised $2M to launch a cloud-based payroll service that employers can use to calculate and remit salaries electronically to staff who don’t have bank accounts of their own (and also to those who do).

Notion $2M

Notion (Boulder ‘14) raised $2M in seed funding in May. Notion allows you to monitor your home with a single sensor, wherever you are.

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